Gold Restorations

Gold Restorations in Reno, NV

When it comes to restoring teeth after decay, injury, or damage, it’s important that you receive a dental restoration that is as strong and durable as possible. While crowns and fillings can be made from a variety of different dental materials today, here at Herrera Dental Practice we believe that gold restorations are still one of the best ways to restore teeth for the long term.

Turn to the Experts for Beautiful Gold Dental Restorations

With the introduction of tooth-colored materials, many patients have forgotten about the benefits of gold restorations. We want to change that! After all, gold has been a valuable dental material for centuries and there’s a reason! Many people don’t realize that gold restorations offer great benefits for anyone who requires dental restorations including fillings and crowns. Here at Herrera Dental Practice, Dr. Herrera and his team of cosmetic experts can craft strong, resilient, and beautiful smiles with the help of gold restorations.

The Benefits of Gold Dental Restorations

Many people don’t realize that gold is both biocompatible and also incredibly malleable, which makes it easy for us to be able to craft and mold gold restorations to your teeth. Since gold is malleable it can easily be shaped and contoured with incredible precision to restore strength back into the tooth, even when only very thin layers of gold are applied. Since gold can be applied in a thin layer and still offer incredible strength, we can also preserve more of the tooth’s overall natural structure.

The “Gold Standard” in Restorative Dentistry

To get beautiful gold restorations you must find a restorative and cosmetic dentist that you trust. Here in Reno, Dr. Herrera and his team have been providing beautiful and long-lasting gold restorations for years. There is a reason gold is still a standard way to restore smiles. If you have decay or damage to back teeth you need a material that will be able to fully withstand the powerful chewing forces and pressure placed on these teeth by your jaws. Tooth-colored restorations aren’t built to last, but gold can restore your bite and provide you with the restoration you need to restore full function in your molars and back teeth after decay or injury.

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