I've worked with some of the finest dentists in every corner of our country as an "interpersonal communications" consultant.

Carl and Mike Herrera are definitely in the highest of a small group of the very best.

The professionalism as well as the human element makes this dental office one of the finest in the U.S. and most certainly in Reno, NV.

Sy Ogulnick
(A Haiku to Dr. Michael Herrera )

A thorough exam.
And the most professional.

Doctor Herrera
November 23, 2011

Going to the dentist is not supposed to be fun...or is it? Before Dr. Mike Herrera, it was not; now going to the dentist is fun. Dr. Herrera is so positive and his singing (humming) always make me smile. He is one of those people that  you like to be around and his entire staff is equally fun and very competent. From the front desk,to the dental assistant,and the hygienist in the back office, you get the feeling of one big happy family, and they all welcome you as such. In fact, I have never laughed as hard as I did the last time I got my teeth cleaned.

You might think that I have never had any real work done there, when in fact; I have had some major work done in that office. His finesse with dental tools is phenomenal. I encourage you, if you are looking for a good,conservative,experienced, and just plain nice dentist- look no further.

My son-in-law, who lives in Maryland and is a dentist, recommended Dr.Mike Herrera, and I will forever be iindebted to him, but I don't think I will tell my son-in-law that part, it could be costly.

Ruth McClain

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